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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  August 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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fighting the zika virus. as more cases are reported in south florida, one bay area city is taking extra steps to make sure the virus does not spread. recovery work is beginning in flood ravaged southeastern louisiana people from all over the country are pitching in to help. the road to rio ends in a wreath -- in a spectacular show. a look back at the highs that may the olympics so fantastic. and say goodbye brazil and hello japan. how a vintage videogame is being used to get people pumped up for the 2020 olympic
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at our weather. it is a beautiful midday so far. we have plenty of sunshine with their weather clouds. temperatures are right along the coast and they're not too bad. 83. inland it is heating up rapidly. not much on the radar. one: shower popping right over holiday. it is now just to the east of new port richey and it is starting to weekend. there is a lot of heat. we are looking at upper 80s and if you 90s already showing up. hotter than that. as we go into the afternoon, a few showers and storms will start to develop for our inland locations and that trend will continue into the afternoon and evening. 92 degrees. the other thing that is heating up as the tropics. we will take a look at that in the full forecast in a few minutes. the zika virus is sparking new fears in miami beach. five new locally transmitted cases of the virus have been
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to 36 cases. now the cdc has a warning for pregnant women. don't travel to two parts of miami. there have not been any non- travel related cases confirmed in the bay area and leaders want to keep it that way. tampa mayor bob buckthorn and code enforcement leaders aren't bailing their plan to prevent -- protect people from the virus. investigators are working to figure out what sp fire at a condo complex. the flames broke out shortly after midnight at meadowlake palm harbor combos. no one was home at the time. the condo is unlivable. you can see through a burned out window some of the damage. crews were able to keep the fire contained and no other units were damaged. a brigantine man turned escape artist. he banished from the back of a deputies cruiser based -- despite being handcuffed. deputies are searching for the
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they arrested the men after a car crash, handcuffed him and put him in the back of a patrol car but just minutes later, the man was gone. he was wanted on violation of probation and possession of a controlled substance. now, he cannot escape to that list. take a look at this. you can see the suv flipped on its side inches from its intersection of south puddle avenue in which street. investigators believe the driver of the suv lost control and then struck a light pole and a car before smashing through a fence and flipping over. the driver only suffered minor injuries but was cited for careless driving. a fire at a tampa mosque has been ruled an arson. fire crews thought and electrical issue sparked the fire, now they believe someone purposely set that fire. investigators discovered gasoline was poured on the air conditioning unit. no one was injured but the fire
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crime stoppers is offering a $3000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. a life jacket in a group of determined rescuers kept a boat accident from turning into tragedy off the coast of florida. a family of four was returning from dinner when their boat struck power lines, causing the vessel to flip over. all of the passengers, including two young children plunged into the darkened waters of the indian river. rescuers located the two adults and one of then, they took turns diving under the water until they found the missing girl floating in her life vest in a small pocket of air under the boat.>> we heard the crying so that was joyful to us. usually incidents like this don't turn out like that. >> that little girl and her family were taken to a local hospital for evaluation. everyone is doing okay. the catastrophic flooding in louisiana has damaged more homes than what was reported
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that more than 60,000 homes are damaged. that is a 50% increase compared to what the governor of louisiana said leslie. some areas are underwater. in the parishes around baton rouge, floodwaters are starting to receipt and the work of cleaning up has started. that efrt many people have lost everything. >> they are getting a lot of help from a variety of federal, state and local agencies along with volunteers. kim hutcherson shows us how things are going.>> reporter: across southeastern louisiana, you can see it. evidence of more than 60,000 homes damaged flooding. a network of relief is building across the region. 2600 national guardsmen have been joined by volunteers from americorps and other groups. fema has already approved $55 million in temporary assistance plus $15 million in advanced
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the small business administration is setting up recovery centers. the salvation army has deployed mobile feeding trucks and tied is providing laundry services. on tuesday, barack obama will visit the state. louisiana's governor pushed back at critics who said the president should have come sooner.>> i asked him to let us get out of the response mode when we were still conducting searches of houses and we were still making rescues. i did not want to divert deputies and state troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing security for the president. >> reporter: the governor also expressed appreciation for friday's visit by donald trump. >> it helped to shine the spotlight on the louisiana and the dark situation that we have here. >> reporter: tim hutchinson,
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disaster since super storm sandy. the 2016 rio olympics are a memory. the games opened with doubt about zika and dirty water and street crime and whether the host country was even ready for the games. is ryan moore shows us, that is not how rio will be remembered.>> reporter: rio brought us pizza of athleticism -- feats of athleticism and relight displays the athletics.. michael phelps earned his space as the katie ledecky and simone manual in american proud while ryan lochte and three other swimmers landed and swimmer for false robbery report. simone biles suffered one slip but 14 golds and lifted her team to glory. americans were strong in the track. there were olympian upsets. women knocked out of soccer. venus and serena williams sidelined in doubles tennis. each volleyball or's -- eat -- beach volleyball or's settling
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brazil was the big winner, giving the world and olympics to remember. this village that brought the world together for the unforgettable moments is empty but the spirit is not on. the torch has been passed to tokyo to host the summer games in four years. brian moore, nbc news, rio. >> in all, the us one -- the us one 121 metals. china came in second place with third place with 67. lots of memorable memories for everybody. students in sarasota county are headed back to school today. some exciting moments for students and parents. some other exciting moments for drivers who needed to be reminded of safety laws when it comes to school zones. news channel 8 's jamel lanee has more. >> reporter: law enforcement is reminding everyone about safety
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kicks off. hundreds of students headed back to class this morning. students arriving at southside elementary school said their final goodbyes to summer. are you sad summer is over?>> kind of. >> reporter: mom, are you? >> i am not. >> reporter: as children made their way to the classroom, police officers posted in school zones makinge >> we try to notify people. as you approach a school zone, there are flashing lights and painting on the road. it is easy to forget but once you get here you realize it is well marked and they have been well educated. >> reporter: law enforcement wants to remind drivers to watch for other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and school buses. they attention to crossing guards and always drive slow through a school zone. those who violated got pulled over. >> they notice for the
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while they don't like it, they think us at the end of the traffic stop. >> reporter: something parents can appreciate. >> it makes us feel good. sarasota is a safe town. >> reporter: law enforcement plans to be around schools over the next several days. anyone caught violating safety laws could face heavy fines. reporting in sarasota, jamel lanee, news channel 8. still ahead, a consumer watch. >> two recalls involving vehicles. the labor day holiday is
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this is a wall of dust barreling through phoenix sunday night.
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were reported with the storm. >> the dust made it impossible for people to see. visibility was down to a quarter of a mile or less. is this common in parts of the country? >> around here, we get our thunderstorms and they send out wind. that is what kicks out the dust up there. all the dust gets kicked up. >> here we see it around construction zones. visibility can drop like that. here, we don't see too many of our thunderstorms and none of that coming our way anytime soon. i want to show off a beautiful photo from last night. barbara from lake placid sent us this sunset. make sure you send us all of your photos. we appreciate them. right now, we are seeing a beautiful day along area
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have some building cloudiness here throughout the afternoon but not much more than that. you see how this has progressed. we have seen a couple of these showers and isolated storms form just off shore that the clouds have been building up with high pressure above and some sinking air. we are just now seeing that much out there. 85 in venice. the inland communities are starting to warm up quite a bit. we are tracking some showers that have armed over the mouth of old tampa bay. this is the other shower we have been looking up for the rest of the day, it will be warm. 92. we have a 20% child -- chance of an inland store. we will be wishing for that soon. 88 in zephyrhills. 87 in tampa. when you talk on humidity, it feels like triple digits for
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fish hawk. i want to mention the tropics. we have tropical depression fiona that is continuing to weekend. it will stay out to see. we are monitoring another one. is invest 99. a lot of these storms take the path toward puerto rico. this one does bear watching. as a starts to interact with some of the land, it may have some hard time forming. a 50% chance of development right now. later today, we could have our first tropical depression and it is just off the coast of africa. 100% chance. this will likely be a depression later on today but long-term that one is likely to stay in the open water. onshore flow will push any thunderstorms that we've got back across the inland portions of our area, east of i-75. there will be a change in the pattern tomorrow. we will start off dry with more of a northeasterly flow. any storms that form will start
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we will see much better coverage of showers and thunderstorms come tuesday afternoon. the rain chance is at 40%. afternoon temperatures warm. it will be very steamy by tomorrow afternoon. then we hang on to the 40% rain chances through the rest of the week. by the end of the week, we will be around 90. >> there are ways to enjoy this warmer weather we have been having. >> it usually involves a frozen cocktail and somewhere with a beach or pool. summer vacation is coming up. this year it looks like it will be more affordable. we see how to make the most out of the travel bargains. >> reporter: the last two weeks of the summer, vacation season will culminate in the labor day weekend where record travel might occur because of travel organs. >> a strong hotel market makes
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>> reporter: historically low gas prices are where consumers are saving the most. that is not the only way to save work >> flight prices are lower than we have seen the past few seasons. >> reporter: airline tickets might be cheaper but don't use frequent flyer miles. labor day weekend is another blackout period. although cnbc's kelly grant says you still better be using them somehow and soon. >> you might never us expire. >> reporter: she also says airlines are now frequently changing terms for earning and redeeming miles. >> they have changed everything around and suddenly you need to a mass even more to get there.>> reporter: for labor day, flying this year, resolved to earn instead of burning reward miles.
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>> you might want to take advantage of the low gas prices while you can. prices at the pump are inching their way up again. the small increase likely signals the start of something more. the national average price of gas is up to $2.17. that is a half cent higher than we have seen the last few weeks. is still $.54 lower than a year ago. we checked gas and the average price for regular gas in tampa it is even lower at $2.03. now, a consumer ruler. two car companies are recalling thousands of cars for problems that could increase the risk of crashes. the first recall is for 2013 hyundai ilan tries. the break -- ilan truck. some mitsubishi vehicles are being recalled. the 2015 and 2016 models of the
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lenders and mission bc lancers the problem with those vehicles is a delay in acceleration. still ahead, it is goodbye to rio. the olympics are over but hello, tokyo. >> see the throwback teaser video setting the stage for the 2020 olympics. three new movies take on suicide squad this weekend. a look at the top movies at the
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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let's go to hollywood. three new movies went up against suicide squad but they did not come close to number one. comic book flick topped the box office again. >> a highly anticipated movie has flopped. ava daniel shows us what
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hollywood minute. >> reporter: it is a rough year for remakes. that is not the only reason been her bombed at the box office. the $100 million movie which debuted with $11 million and change had other numbers working against it. an awful 29% rating on rotten tomatoes indicating critics hated it and according to variety, almost no one under age 25 came out. it is hard to build a blockbuster when the millennials stay home. >> sausage party is doing fine in theaters that seth rogen's next r-rated movie has had a snack. universal has pulled rogen's untitled space comedy from its release schedules. the movie costarring zach outback this was supposed to hit theaters next memorial day. >> universal is hoping to rule
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huntsman, winters war is the studio's first new release in the new format. just build as having a picture four times sharper than hd and a multidimensional sound experience. if you have a 4k set up you can judge for yourself when it hits stores tuesday. in hollywood, david daniel. maybe watching sports is more your thing. expands are getting pumped up for this preseason game at raymond james stadium. they will take on the cleveland browns. the bucs are hoping for a repeat of the big win against the jok wires. it was a close game. a gina swanson touchdown flow to mike evans. jacksonville penalties are what helped the bucs win this one 27- 21. >> the dallas cowboys spent their first full day at their new state-of-the-art headquarters sunday. the team had its first practice at the star in frisco. the new facility is equipped
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fields, which rooms, locker rooms, a full cafeteria and a 150 seat meeting room. the tampa bay rays kickoff a four game series against the boston red sox. the team is coming off a win against the rangers. a three run homer by logan forsythe in the fourth helped put the rays on top. the final score a ditch-4. -- 8- 4. japan's prime minister made an epic entran green pipe morphing into super mario. that is just one of the many surprises yet to come as tokyo gets ready to host the summer olympics in 2020. still ahead, a dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> a car dangling off a bridge with a mom and her son stuck
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donald trump seems to be shifting positions on a key
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete,
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celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days. right now on news channel 8 at 11:00. fear over the zika virus has reached a fever pitch for a florida couple. here the extreme steps this a mom and her six-year-old son stuck in a car dangling on an overpass. the daring rescue as crews worked frantically to free them before the cargoes crashing down. hillary fights off another controversy. we will take you to the campaign trail. good morning. i am stacie schaible i am gene ramirez thanks for joining us this morning. let's get a check on your weather with ed bloodsworth. >> we are looking at a very
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out there right now. we have one loan shower that has managed to get going. you may run into it along highway 60. rain chances are slim overall. around 20% for i-75 and points worth. a greater chance as you head inland today. any showers will start to work toward the spine of the state. time of the year. we will hit 92 later on today. it will warm up big time today. we have three systems that we are tracking i will tell you where each of these systems are headed and tell you when we can expect some better rain chances to come our way. the zika virus appears to be spreading in south florida with several new cases confirmed in miami beach. >> a area leaders are preparing just in case they need to protect citizens here.
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from tampa. what kind of plan to they come up with? >> reporter: the mayor just wrapped up his news conference. let me show you a problem that are not of neighborhoods -- that a lot of neighborhoods are facing right now. take a look at this pool. the people who live next to this house tell me they have been dealing with this water for more than a year. i saw a large bullfrog in here a it has been stripped. it has been in foreclosure. the neighbors have been trying to deal with this issue for more than five years. they have called the city and code enforcement and have got to know her. today, the mayor and an army of code enforcement officers were here talking about zika concerns and what everyone can do to try to prevent that. the mayor even through a small tablet into this pool that he
11:33 am
water and will kill mosquito larvae before they hatch. code enforcement is currently not legally allowed to come onto a property like that to deal with a pool like this because they have to go through the courts and the foreclosure system. it is a complicated mess. i asked the mayor and the head of code enforcement if they can't start getting emergency orders from the court system to come onto properties like this because of public health hazards, especially with zika concerns in the stateth mosquitoes. mayor will start looking into that. they told us today that they are going to start an aggressive campaign to identify properties like this to try to head off in -- any zika concerns. we will talk to neighbors today on news channel 8 about the problems and frustrations that they have had for the last five years dealing with this house and what the city plans to do now about properties like this. >> everybody can do their part by getting rid of standing
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>> reporter: as simple as that. if you have a wagon or a piece of plastic, dump it. that's really will help. the mayor is encouraging everyone to walk around their own property today and look for any standing water and dump it. >> jeff patterson, live this morning. a mother in florida is moving out of the state because of concerns over zika. the woman is heading to virginia to stay with her family until her child is born. the move makes given what is at stake. >> he is our life. he comes first. i want to give that baby the chance that he has to be healthy and have a good life. >> we have to move away and separate for six months. >> the man plans to stay at home waiting for his wife to return after she gives birth. no zika cases have originated in the county where they live
11:35 am
miami-dade county. the cdc is advising pregnant women not to travel to those areas miami. many of us take road trips over the weekend. it is possible you were stuck in a traffic nightmare if you were in orlando yesterday. a car veered off of the 408 just east of downtown. it was dangling off the overpass. you will not believe who was inside. amanda ober shows us what happened.>> reporter: just before lou said linda went off onto the grassy median of state road 408. the car lost control and went over a concrete barrier. inside the car was her six-year- old son. >> we had an issue of a vehicle being very unstable. >> reporter: the rescue squad says its first concern was to make sure the car did not tumble
11:36 am
road below. >> it could have the potential to slide. >> reporter: the firefighters say their trading kicked in and they used a system of webs and slings to secure the vehicle and keep it from hauling any further. the next step was to get the mom and son out. paramedics say the two only had minor injuries and were remarkably calm.>> they seemed to be shaken >> reporter: rescuers had to break out the back window of the car to pull the mother and son to safety.>> it worked flawlessly. everybody had a job and it got done. >> reporter: as for what caused the crash, the highway patrol is charged the mother with careless driving. >> the mom and son were both wearing their seatbelts, suffering only minor injuries. they are expected to be okay. police are searching for a man in jacksonville who attempted to abduct a pizza delivery driver. police officials say the
11:37 am
west side then pointed a rifle at her and forced her into the trunk of her own vehicle. while driving west on i-10, the woman pulled the emergency trunk release handle and jumped out of the vehicle onto the highway. >> her family was very proud of her for being that strong. she is a great woman. she is a mother who does everything for her kids. >> the woman suffered road rash and a head wound suspect is still in her car and on the run. after a 14 your web presence, shuts down today. univision agreed to by gawker media for $135 million. univision's acquisition officially included all seven of gawker media's brands that includes jezebel and that's been. staffers will be assigned to other editorial roles. doctor went up for sale after a $140 million judgment against the company. that was in the whole cogan sex
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turned all proceeds over from his book. he used a pen name in 2012 to publish the book, no easy day. the doj took action against him for breach of contract saying he failed to submit the draft to the pentagon for a review of classified information. be shifting positions on a very key issue, immigration. this is hillary clinton continues to try and label trump as insulting. edward lawrence is in washington with a closer look. >> reporter: after meeting with newly formed hispanic advisors, donald trump navy reconsidering his stance on deporting 11 million illegal immigrants. >> we need a fair and humane way of dealing with what is estimated to be 11 million illegal immigrants in this country.
11:39 am
manager went on to say that his position is to be determined as he considers policies that would help hispanic businesses grow. >> i believe that donald trump's upside is far greater than hillary clinton's upset.>> sometimes -- >> reporter: in a new online ad, clinton questions whether trump regrets his comments. meanwhile, the clinton campaign says her foundation will no longer take foreign donations should she become president. taken should she become president are unprecedented. we are happy that the planning is taking place. >> reporter: this is a highly contentious race with more scrutiny than other previous presidential races. experts say donald trump's new management team is trying to broaden his appeal and bring in new voters. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. still ahead, new hope for
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a new drug may be able to change the way it is treated. keeping up with today on what is going on in school with your kids. see how a new app is helping parents and students stay in
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firefighters in california are working around the clock to get this wild fire under control. it is the rate fire was sparked in santa barbara last thursday. since then, it charred more than 21,000 acres. the cause of the fire is under investigation. people in western michigan were dealt a big blow by mother nature. and ef1 tornado touched down saturday night leaving a trail of devastation. strong winds toppled trees. thankfully, no injuries were reported. >> you would not think it would have that much damage but it is pretty powerful.
11:44 am
wildfires, flooding in louisiana, tornadoes in minnesota. now, the tropics are heating up. we are busy. >> it is more than a trifecta of whether. >> let's take a look at the tropics coming up the first let's look at what is happening outside. we are looking from read him plaza. already -- freedom plaza. we are already up to 91 degrees. we will not see that much rain through the rest of the day. we are expecting with high pressure sitting overhead and not too much out there. you can see what will happen as we go through the rest of the day. we are looking at mainly dry conditions but we are going to get a couple of isolated showers to pop up. we have one: shower over the
11:45 am
these showers have been forming and then very quickly fizzling out. that is what we will see. any showers that we see will start to progress inland. for the rest of the day, 90 1 pm. a stray shower could be possible. rain chances will stay around 20% for the rest of the day as temperatures state steamy. we -- state steamy. we set at 90 in tampa. 91 degrees for sarasota and venice. when you talk on the mi fish hawk. 107 is your current heat index. it feels like 102 in plant city. let's go through all three of these tropical systems. first, you have the owner that has been downgraded to a depression. it will stay that way as it passes to the immediate west of bermuda. it is getting ripped apart by windshear and dry air. invest 99 is the second system. this one we will keep a closer
11:46 am
forecast models take this through the northern islands and eventually has of getting close to the bahamas. then, invest 90 way out in the atlantic, this one could become a depression later this afternoon as it generally heads out to the mid-atlantic. the tropics are really starting to ramp up across the atlantic basin. here at home it stays fairly quiet. a big area of high pressure in the gulf. we have more stable air above. with a ligh storms that pop up will start to push inland and get east of 75 by about 4 pm. than any rain that is formed will fizzle out by the evening. dry tomorrow morning but a slight chance in the pattern. more moisture and a different flow coming in out of the northeast. just the opposite will happen. storms will form inland and they will push back toward the coast as we head into the
11:47 am
with the increase of moisture, the rain chance comes up to 40% and will hover at a seasonal rain chance through the rest of the week. 92 for today. if you get a shower storm, consider yourself lucky. 93 for tomorrow. the morning low stays extremely warm. some areas may not fall below 80 tomorrow morning. temperatures slowly start to ease back as we go into the rest of the week. low 90s and rain chances during the afternoon around 40%. >> at some down.[ laughter ] >> maybe september. 8 on your side is helping you get schooled all this month. there is no doubt that heavy class loads, extracurricular activities like sports clubs can quickly become overwhelming for students to keep track of.>> now, many schools are turning
11:48 am
connected. >> here is one right here. >> reporter: from extracurricular activities to staying on top of a packed schedule of leonard high school, high school students rely on remind 101.>> anything that you have that is important for that day or night, it will text you and let you know. >> reporter: 35 million students, teachers, parents and coaches signed up to remind 101 nationwide. it is a free online service your smartphone. everyone can stay connected with no phone numbers exchanged. >> we are aber -- able to give them reminders about assignments that are due. >> reporter: leonard high school agriculture teacher explains that it is simple and convenient to use. she likes that feature -- the feature that allows teachers to attach photos or videos to students.
11:49 am
i can attach files. if i need to send students and assignment so they don't miss it , it is able to be sent through that remind message as well. >> reporter: the service keeps contact information private and allows you to access your message history at any time. for many schools, gone are the days of printout, sticky notes and emails. >> remind me 101 is part of an independent certification organization in student data privacy. good news for gamers. if you are looking for a new console, sony has you covered. the japanese tech company plans to roll out two new playstation for -- 4 concepts -- consuls next month. both are expected to be slimmer than previous playstation consoles. the company is hoping to attract hard-core fans and casual users. kobe bryant is back in
11:50 am
the superstar retired after this last season is launching $100 million venture capital fund to invest in tech, media and data companies. kobe's current investments include sports media website the players to be in and legal services firm legalzoom. now, a medical report. osteoporosis causes bones to weaken and can lead to fractures and a new drug may be about to change the way osteoporosis is treated. this drug does not have a formal name just yet. when injected daily, it reduced the number of fractures in osteoporosis patients. doctors say it increases the density of bones. >> the ability to improve bone quality is a new concept. that is what this agent does. >> the 18 month drug trial involved 2600 women pick the
11:51 am
journal of the american medical association. there is no word on when it will be available. still ahead, the miracle in the making. >> a young boy with a serious illness learns his greatest wish will come true. >> see why this boy is packing
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
most make a wish kids dream of a disney vacation, meeting their favorite superhero or writing on a fire truck. -- writing mac on a fire truck. landon suffers from a rare genetic disorder that causes his skin to change color and can cause noncancerous tumors. there were lots of tears at his church on sunday when he found out his which has been granted. >> it was a very hard decision to make work i want to go see the pope to see if this will help, getting blessed by the
11:55 am
>> the family will fly to the vatican in the next few weeks to fulfill the wish. a baby elephant in germany found a pretty fun way to keep cool. >> we need you to stop what you are doing and take a look at this. the not so little tyke is almost 3 weeks old. it looks like he has been drinking something other than water. he thrilled crowds playing in the small pool of water. he splashed around while trying to cover himself with the water . he even gave himself a shower. >> it is pretty little for an elephant. he is losing his balance. >> i don't think he cares who is watching. he just needs to cool down. >> could you imagine with all of that hair that they have? >> if he was here he could just
11:56 am
>> can we do that today? >> it is a beach day. it won't be too bad this afternoon. or you can stay inside and away some of the heat. the rays are playing the boston red sox at 7:10 pm. 84 degrees. we will stay mainly dry for that game. tailgaters hanging out, 40% rain chances come our way tomorrow. if you don't get wet today, you will probably see something tomorrow. 93 degrees for the high. those numbers ease back week. >> carry your umbrellas wherever you go. we will stay on top of all of these stories throughout the day and i will see you back here tonight.
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? from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda i 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's august 22nd. hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend. hardest working woman in show business. >> if you call it work. >> you have been gone from me for three weeks. >> i know. you had the celine week. >> that was epic. >> amazing. >> and two weeks at the olympics. and it kicked off -- the


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